Browell aluminum bellhousings have become the component of choice in several professional and sportsman classes where weight is essential. With a savings of up to 5 pounds over its titanium counterpart, Browell aluminum bellhousings are lightweight, durable and are custom- built to spec for a perfect fit.

Browell aluminum bellhousings have been on board for countless event wins in drag racing, tractor pulling and other racing sanctions worldwide. Our track record speaks for itself, as Browell bellhousings and components have been on board for the last 7 out of 10 NHRA Pro Stock World Championships alone, including 2011’s champion, Jason Line.

Each bellhousing is manufactured from select materials, then is CNC machined to ensure proper fit to your specification.

Aluminum bellhousings are shipped standard black anodized, but other colors are available at an additional charge.

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Browell’s steel bellhousings are ideal for racers where weight is not a factor or where rules require the use of a steel unit.

Like the aluminum bellhousing, steel bellhousings are custom-built to each customer’s exact specification from select materials. Steel bellhousings come in standard gloss black, but are also available in a variety of colors for an additional cost.

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Our engineering and machining capabilities allow us to build bellhousings for any application. We build bellhousings for import racers, tractor pulling, concept cars and other non traditional vehicles. We work one-on-one with specialty projects to ensure that these “one-of-a-kind” projects to ensure every detail is covered before manufacturing.

Send us your prints or call us and we can help you design a bellhousing that is functional and helps you showcase your special project.

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