Long Style Clutches

Long Style (Aluminum Pressure Ring) Counter Weighted
Typically the Long Style is offered in 360 lb, 800 lb, and 1200 lb base spring options.  However, we do offer custom spring options throughout those ranges and beyond.  With the Long Style clutch assembly, the height of the spring will effect your ability set the lever heights as well, which is why we often times use custom springs to better place an assembly correctly in the user's target area for their application.

Pictured is an Aluminum Pressure Ring, with a steal heat shield.  This allows for better heat dissipation as well as weight savings.  

We offer customized levers for the Long Style Clutch and provide dyno sheets for both stock and custom applications.  Each unit is custom built for the customer, and not just pulled off the shelf!  

Pricing starts at $1875.00 for complete units (Flywheel to Hat) Sinlgle Disc, $2350.00 Twin Disc.

You can see on the Aluminum Pressure Ring version there are segmented grooves that allow for better heat dissipation and overall consistent wear.  Click HERE to view Build Photos!
Nex-Gen Long Style Clutch Assembly

The newest, most innovative Long Style clutch program available for racing applications. Developed by Cale Aronson.


While there is an abundance of 10”, 10.5” and 11” stamped steel cover assemblies on the market, The Nex-Gen Clutch offers a welcomed change from the tradition.  The Nex-Gen now offers a three lever version in all three sizes 10", 10.5" and 11", as well as a six lever option predominately used on high horsepower application and in truck/tractor pulling.  The new Nex-Gen Long features 7075 Forged Aluminum construction, cooling fans, adjustable lever heights, bolt through lever posts, segmented heat shields, custom lever design, and much more. 



10" Single Disc - $2250.00

10.5" & 11" Single Disc - $2250.00


Call for prcing

Complete assembly including flywheel, disc, and cover.  All clutches will have dyno profiling, so customers will be able to tune based on actual centrifugal dyno information for consistency.