We offer a full range of Pro Billet Clutch Assemblies and related parts. Black Magic Clutches works on design, development and tuning with the biggest clutch manufacturers in the world. By working together with other manufacturers we are better able to choose and custom build units best fit to your application. We don't just sell our own products and we service almost all others. 

Pro Stock / Comp Style 6.25" Assemblies

Pro Stock/Comp/Sportsman 7.00" - 8.00" Assemblies

Pro Stock/Sportsman/Alcohol 10.00" - 11.00" Assemblies

Alcohol 10.00" - 10.50" - 11.00" Assemblies

Top Fuel Assemblies

We work with you to determine the best features for your application. We work with lever design, friction materials, surface size, and much more to get your tuning window as large and efficient as possible!

6 Lever Billet Clutches

12 Lever Billet Clutches