In-House Clutch Services

We offer a complete line of clutch and driveline services. We specialize in custom builds in the drag racing world. The Long Style/Softloc clutch is very popular among those starting to take their tuning to the next level, but not quite ready for full on Pro Billet Fully Adjustable types of application and we work to develop setups for them that will work the best for their application with each being special built for each customer.

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We Offer The Following In-House Clutch Services


Flywheels, Pressure Rings, Floaters and any mating surfaces. Visit our Clutch Rebuilds & Resurfacing page to get started.

General Rebuilds

We offer basic rebuilds where we evaluate the condition of each part and get your assembly back to as good as new. Additionally offering updated parts and options to better suit your needs and overall combination. Pricing starts at $150.00 (plus parts). Visit our Clutch Rebuilds & Resurfacing page to get started.

Clutch Dyno

We can dyno your clutch assembly and provide you with a pressure applied rating per rpm, as well as suggest additional changes that could help with tuning.

Lever Development

We can offer custom built and machined levers that can be dyno tested to improve your tuning window to apply pressure at the most desired rate and total force throughout an extensive rpm window.

Disc Grinding

We use a diamond tip cutter to take all discs down to flatness.

Custom Builds

We do custom setup and rebuilds on all Race Clutch Applications. Visit our New Clutch Application Form to get started.