For additional information or tuning assistance contact us. The NexGen Clutch concept was brought to Ace Mfg. in February of 2014 by Cale Aronson / Aronson Motorsports and developed during Cale’s time while contracted as Director of Racing, utilizing his tuning, application and design knowledge to produce a product better suited to the market. Now produced by Ace Mfg. it is a modernized version of the traditional “Long Style” clutch that has been in drag racing use for more than 4 decades. The NexGen Cover is made from a forged 7075 aluminum alloy allowing for less overall height by design, adjustable lever height without the use of shims, better heat dissipation for better longevity and much more. The Pressure Ring utilizes 7075 grade Aluminum as well and features bolt on segmented heat shields that allow for maximized expansion and contraction of the heat shield surfaces which keeps the contact surfaces flatter, longer! These heat shields are also featured on the flywheel. In addition, the pressure ring features bolt through billet steel lever stands with triangulated design to ensure more strength and better pressure application. Currently available in 10.00, 10.50" and 11.00" versions. 10.50" & 11.00" versions have optional 6 Lever design for higher horsepower applications as well as truck & tractor pull options.

Nex-Gen Clutch Assembly

10.00" Single Disc Nex-Gen Unit


Dual Disc Options Start at $2600.00

Complete units include steel segmented flywheel, disc and pressure plate assembly. 

10.50 & 11.00" Single Disc Nex-Gen Unit


Dual Disc Options Start at $3200.00

Nex-Gen Instructions & Applied Pressure Information

Popular in NHRA Stock/Super Stock. Pro Stick, UMTR, SouthEast Gasser Association, Ozark Mountain Super Shifters, Rocky Mountain Super Shifters, Drag Week Competitors, and much more.

10.00" Instructions

11.00" Instructions